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Jun 20 2017 Mate Mantramu
Jun 13 2017 mate mantramu
May 30 2017 Maate Mantramu
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HOST: Neeraja
TORi Show(s):  Mate Mantramu
Zodiac: Virgo

Occupation: Clinical Research Associate at AECOM

Location: Flushing, NY

Education: Good enough to get a license to write prescriptions in INDIA

Talents: Talking, Talking and Talking

Passion: To become a RJ ( which I am now, thanks to TORI ), beading
Other hobbies/interests: Photography, Cooking, Interior decoration, writing stories and MUSIC ( can’t sing but listen a lot)
Likes/turn-ons: Greeting with a Smile, Joviality, Befriending, Confidence, Fashion sense
Dislikes/turn-offs: Jealousy , Boasting , Pessimism , Arrogance , Sarcasm
Favorite quotes: Smile and make others smile
Favorite books/authors: Vennello aadapilaa by Yandamuri , sri saibaba Jeevitha Charitra by Sri  Ekkirala Bharadwaja
About me: Fun loving person...easy going.. to make to gossip... love to comment and of course compliment others..and want to enjoy each and every minute sorry second of life... cause I really don’t want to waste any single second of my life.
I hate negative thinking … God gave us life to utilize it to the maximum try to enjoy even the difficulties in life.....when you face any problem... think like this..." wow am really excited that how I am going to solve this” feel thrilled even in tough times.... and trust “GOD is always with you when you believe him...”